Mother's Day FREE Class!

We are honoring ALL moms this Mother's Day with special classes brought to you by our subscribers and teachers.

We are obsessed with certified life coach and yoga teacher, Tyona Vallejo. Her practical and insightful instagram tips help women (and moms) combat self-doubt and build resilience.

"Being a mom is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles a woman can have. It will stretch you, motivate you, trigger you, delight you & evolve you."

We've asked expert Ty for ONE tip on parenthood that can change your day!

"One of the best parenting tips that my daughter's preschool teacher offered me was to learn how to set boundaries with my children.

She highly encouraged Moms to communicate with their children when they needed personal time & space.

For instance, when I'm enjoying my coffee & writing in my journal, that's Mommy's time, and I ask you to honor this 20 minutes & not interrupt.

This advice has served me well & I hope it helps you to trust that you can value your time & needs even as a mother by communicating honestly & confidently."

Take Ty's Mother's Day Flow & re:share with the moms in your life that deserve self-care!

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