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Updated: May 3, 2021

As someone who stares at herself relentlessly online all day, nitpicking at my mistakes, weird faces, body flaws, slurred words, or even lack of coherence, I gotta say - I flub, I'm flawed, I make mistakes, and I'm still fabulous, ok?

I just got back from Mexico, where I literally threw up a year of depression, insecurity, debt, loneliness... all in front of my new boyfriend who gifted me this vacay for my birthday, who never left my side in the ER, and who ended up paying for the entire hospital visit because my credit card was declined.. Yet I'm alive and still committed to being honest, brave, and genuine.

I just turned 39. And 39 feels rough. The average age of an American woman getting married is 28. The average age of women having babies in developed countries is 26 to 31. Am I unhappy? No. But am I seeking something else? Maybe something greater to my life these days? Yes!

"But Emilie, you have this banging career and are so beautiful, and the right person is just around the corner." Maybe? Who really knows? And if they do, kudos. But, also, having a career dedicated to your physical, mental, and emotional performance is just a performance (exhausting one too). And I have to start to think, How long can this show go on for? Covid has given me so many things to chew on in terms of my "career," but it has also vividly highlighted the intense loneliness you can feel from going from a place of on-demand entertainment to the final curtain call.

Sequential Body is that change. It's this incredibly liberating place where I can strip away all the years of uber perfectionism and professionalism and just FUCK UP everything. And I have. I've been ripped off, made multiple mistakes, posted videos of me falling flat on my face, go into debt, all these AMAZING things simply for the sake of honesty. It's this business I created where I can finally say for "fucks sakes" I don't care what poses you can or can't do (actually nobody does), because I wasn't placed on earth to judge you, I was put here to connect and love you. Honestly, I just want you to be happy and allow you to see that deep appreciation for anything AND everything comes from a healthy dose of suffering. That's right; regrettably, we all gotta endure the pain to see the light of day.

So let's start this blog with my top 5ish highly recommended things for 2021 to put a smile on your face and brighten your day:

Better Help Online Counseling - friends are great, but they aren't licensed to treat your mental and emotional wounds. They're meant to listen and love you. So do yourself a service and talk through all the radical traumas you're living through with a trained, licensed professional. We all need it, and through Better Help it's affordable to. Seek clarity, not sympathy.

Tilted: A Lean In Podcast Rachel Thomas - Because women deserve a circle of women rallying for their actual wellbeing, we also need an arsenal of tools to make our dreams come true. I sincerely believe men need this, too (so you dudes should listen).

Little Weirds by Jenny Slate - because if you don't relate to this passage, you definitely won't connect to Sequential Body - "My vulnerability is natural and permissible and beautiful to me, and it should remind you of your responsibility to behave like a friend to me and the world."

Practice Yoga - clinical studies dating back to 2013 show that practicing yoga is one of the quickest, most natural ways to boost oxytocin in the brain - and that's the mother-loving love hormone! So anyone who wants to act like yoga is corny sorely is missing the reality that this practice literally evokes you to hug and cuddle someone.

Active Listening - make your conversations count these days. Bonding is real, a connection is real, and what the world needs right now is deep trust and recommitment. Connect as authentically as you can. Make eye contact, take a walk with friends, cook, facetime, have sex, but I urge you above all things, continue to connect.

Beauties, enjoy this one hour gentle flow dedicated to connecting you to a grounding place where you can tune in and intuitively listen.

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