"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost" - Pina Bausch

Our May Moves challenge is brought to you by our favorite subscriber Chantal Cherry. A dancer, choreographer, and yogi, Chantal is our head cheerleader and a constant reminder of why we cherish our community!

Save, Share, Replicate and send us your version of her moves for a chance to win a gorgeous one-of-a kind piece of jewelry Generous Jewelry & Design. Final submission date is May 20th, 2020.

Read more about Chantal below!

I always come back to the beach. Whenever I feel lost, I make my way to the beach. When I want my 'me time, I head to the beach. It is my place of healing and happiness. It is also the location of my most recent dance film, 'SALT' (not yet available to the public), which digs deeper into the healing the beach and the ocean provides. The sea is simultaneously calming and dangerous, which is a dichotomy that fascinates me greatly. But that is also true of life. Sometimes the things that bring us the most joy can then bring us the most hurt, and I, for one, avoid hurt like the plague. Recently, though, I have learned to face my pain head-on - almost saying 'come at me bitch, I can take you - because I know, and am learning to accept, that the only way out is through. And sometimes, we can see it coming, we can dread its arrival, but there is nothing we can do to stop it. All we can do is brace for impact and prepare to face what's coming our way. So I recently adopted the motto 'everything is temporary'. I intended to help me through the tough days, but what I learned through this motto was actually to stop and appreciate the good days, my moments of happiness. Because, just like the bad days, these good days are also fleeting. It is a reminder for us to live in the present and appreciate what we do have because, before we realize it, it could have slipped like sand through our fingers. As we emerge from the chaos of the past year, I carry with me to seize each day, each moment and remember to be present, attentive, and deliberate in everything we do. Finally, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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