Chose from a huge library of guided yoga,

pilates and wellness sessions

Sequential Body Signature Classes have something for everyone. Here are some of our favorites. 

Beauty Tutorial




Down to Flow

Down to Flow is our signature livestream favorite. Energizing, creative, and FUN; #DTF is a blend of strength and flexibility that lead up to us tackling a peak posture. Expect to move, sweat and tap into your inner super hero. 


Beauty Fit Flow

Beauty Fit Flow is our signature sculpt class that utilizes sandbags and/or free weights to tone, sculpt and build strength. Expect to work hard, shake and sweat like a mess! Utilizing different muscle contractions and innovative movements weaved in with classical yoga postures you’ll get strong and fit in minutes. 


Beauty Boost

 Beauty Boost is a signature classic. These quick targeted classes utilize your own body weight for optimal strength. Get shapely legs, hips, core and more with these and repeat them regularly for optimal results.


Wednesday & Monday 9am

+ additional pop-up classes. Flow live with the Sequential Body Community.


Sequential Body subscribers have access to the entire SQB Library and can take classes when it works for your schedule.


Beauty Unwind

Beauty Unwind are our gentle and active recovery classes. Release stress, relax your back, and unwind tension in the spine, hips, shoulders and neck. #BU’s are a blend of active recovery and gentle movement classes for days when you need a break or simply a really good stretch. 


Beauty Brain Boost

Beauty Brain Boosts are short meditation based classes that help boost our mental capacities. Use them as a tonic to wake up in the morning or throughout the day when brain fog rolls in. We pair breath, mudras (hand seals) and gentle movement to change our mental landscape and recalibrate our cognitive functioning. 



Beauty Tutorial

Beauty Tutorials are mini classes that workshop different postures such as arm balances and inversions. These classes are great to use in conjunction with our personalized semi-private Lab classes.