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June 14th - Sept 20th 


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Take a deep-dive look at your lifestyle goals with Sequential Body's 14-week Beauty Fit Challenge #BFC is a comprehensive health & fitness program designed to re-align your wellbeing for optimal daily performance. We believe that goals and results lead to real transformation.

That's why our Beauty Fit Challenge is built on unique pillars of health:







Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and receive purposeful coaching designed to help you implement sustainable lifestyle choices that level up your life.  


Together, we will cheer each other on and celebrate each other's success.

Yoga Session


  • Weekly mindful themes & customized yoga, pilates, and fitness (new instructors included)

  • Goal Setting workshop w/ Tyona Vallejo (self-empowerment coaching)

  • Yoga meditations with Yoga Wake Up Daily (free membership to app for three months)

  • Meal and Nutrition Information (with Yogi chef Shirley Temple)

  • Individual and private text coaching w/ Emilie (through our community text)

  • Weekly Self-Care rituals (through our community text)

  • Trackable results through IOS app (Apple Health measurements for before & after results)

  • Bi-weekly check-ins for encouragement (with Emilie via Demio Webinar)

  • Special prizes w/ sponsors Four Sigmatic, Daughters of Culture, Quo Active & more




  • Busy professionals who don't have access easy gym or yoga access

  • Dieters looking for real lasting results 

  • Parents who need easy accessible fitness and health guidance

  • Those struggling to maintain healthy lifestyle habits 

  • Individuals looking to get into great shape with lasting holistic results

  • Those looking for more reasons to connect to themselves deeply without judgment or shame 

  • Anyone on a mission of self-improvement 

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Sequential Body Yoga with Emilie Perz has been a nonnegotiable for me during this Pandemic. When the gyms and studios closed Emilie jumped into action to create The Sequential Body platform to make sure none of her students were left without their practice in this new work/ live from home reality.

Each class she puts together is different than the last, always creative and fun. The set of weekly classes she schedules roll into a larger idea that culminates at the end of the week in an inversion or arm balance that you have most likely never tried before.


The confidence I get from sticking or even attempting to stick a big pose like that is addicting and confidence building and is what keeps me committed to my practice and this platform.


- Lo 

Finding Emilie and Sequential Body turned a very negative quarantine experience into a time of growth, both mentally and physically. As a 49 year old woman I had started to gain weight and was unable to get it off, then came quarantine which simply exacerbated the problem.


Even though I've been a yoga instructor for years, I immediately jumped back into running (my second love) and ran myself into a stress fracture. During this time, a friend from middle school invited me to attend Emilie's Birthday Zoom Yoga class and I was immediately hooked. Her use of anatomy and creative sequencing keeps me engaged and consistently challenged.


This entire platform amazes me, we get a minimum of 3 new classes a week and her library of previous classes is abundant. You can choose a class based on how much time you have, search on a posture you would like to work on, or even keep a library of your favorite classes (which is hard because I love them all). With all of these amazing things to love, Emilie keeps adding more, she creates a personal connection with each subscriber and provides individual feedback when needed. Plus you can join challenges for free which offer additional classes and even prizes.


If you're on the fence, just take the plunge. Not only am I finding myself in arm balances I have not achieved in years, I am also finding myself sliding into jeans I haven't been able to squeeze into for years--they're even a bit loose now.


Taking the time to de-stress with yoga, feeling the accomplishment of mastering new skills, being able to run again pain free, and connecting with Emilie and her very real and vulnerable style of instruction has me back to my happy self again.


-Namaste, Kathleen